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Improve.PH is a new and upcoming non-profit initiative that aims to unleash the growth potential of the Filipino workforce by upskilling the basic digital knowledge and capability of Filipino workers.

Project Description.

From 2014, the unemployment rate of Filipinos has dropped from 3.6% to 2.1% last 2019. However, with the unprecedented effect of COVID-19 pandemic as a disruptor of businesses, the recent data shows an increasing trend from 5.3% last January 2020 to 17.7% in April which is the highest unemployment rate on record. Although the rate continues to ease because of less quarantine restrictions, the pandemic has created new challenges for both unemployed and underemployed Filipinos.

At present, most of companies quickly shifted to work-from-home arrangements, to the use of various platforms for virtual meetings, use of social media applications and tons of online presentations as a quick method to revive the industry. This new landscape poses a great threat to millions of unemployed and underemployed Filipinos who are not yet attuned with the considerably basic digital skills and there is a need to immediately upskill so they can adapt with the fast pace of digital transformation.

Improve.PH, with the help of partners and contributors, will try to bridge this widening gap and lead the way in providing free online courses to the vulnerable Filipino Communities during these trying times.


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Target Course Takers

Project Objectives.

  1. The project will create a community of course contributors that will donate relevant and high-quality courses for free.
  2. The project will maintain an efficient Learning Management System that will host free courses.
  3. The project will facilitate course uptake and issue micro-certificates to empower course takers in their pursuit of employment.


Meet our Ambassadors

Bea Pielago

Digital Marketing Content Creator

Vladimir Marrack

Content Creator

Josh Toquero

Youth Advocate

BM Squad

Content Creator

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Improve.PH is a non-profit initiative that aims to Unleash the growth potential of the Filipino workforce by upskilling the basic digital knowedlge and capability of Filipino workers.

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